I have to apologize for these awful pictures. I had the camera set all wrong, if anyone else has pictures PLEASE send them to me.

At Sundbergs sand bar.

A BIG tired dog

Confab. Mark Sundberg, Steve Zimmerman, Garth Sundberg and Morgan Heuberger. Fred Sundberg at boat.

The UPRIVER CASINO. (poker hand draws) Ray Bacon on the left, who is head of gaming at Cheri Heights
Casino in Trinidad, was the dealer and Lynn Mouser assisted by writing everything down.

WINNERS! left to right: Del Zimmerman, Sarah Zimmerman, Chuck Messick
Who's go the most money? Sarah won $260 with a pair of queens and a pair of tens, Del won $180 with a
pair of jacks and a pair of tens and Chuck won $120 with a pair of aces followed by 10,4,3.
The poker run was a 100% payout- paid top three hands. We talked about making it down to top five hands
for next year.

I am sorry, but my pictures are washed out BAD! Everyone looks like they have third degree burns. Should have read the instructions for the camera...
These are the only ones I could salvage from a bad lot.

The official tote sheet.