As much as we like this race, we had to miss it. We were trying to make every race this year but it just didn't work out.
I have this coverage from Gary Padgett, navigator of 26 Bad Habit.
He kindly agreed to let me post it as coverage, thanks Gary!
I will try to get more when I go to Grants Pass and some photos...

Thank you for your e-mail. The race went great and we had a ball.
Hanlin, the little green boat took first. There was protest about his
engine so they tore it down, but it checked out ok. Vantress took second
and we (Bad Habit - Jack Patterson) took third. Derek Ely broke two
motor mounts, blew up his battery, and start to take on water because
of leaks. He went out of the race on Saturday. Saxon took first in the
B class. Mark Conklin took second and Dave Provost took third.
Paul Bagshaw took first in the A class followed by Chandler in second.
Forester couldn't get going, pump problems.

The course was great. We started at the park and ran to the dam,
about 11.5 miles. The finish was back to the park. No major wrecks to talk
about. Provost went out on the first leg up with gearbox problems again.
Chandler lost a few cylinders at the end of Saturday. Boice ran on
Saturday but at the end they were finding small metal parts in the oil.
Mark Conklin spun out and ended up on a gravel bar but was able to get
it right back in the race with out much delay. I think Paul Bagshaw spun
once also.

Sorry you and Lynn weren't able to make it; you missed a great race.
See you at Boatnik and if you need anything from here just let Jack or
myself know.

Gary Padgett