Cavefish Squared, in the paint booth..

Dunn Riffle on the upper Rouge. Race takes place every Memorial day
in Grants Pass, Oregon. There is a boat in there, you can just barely see
a bit of color in the spray... Photo by Mark Sharley

Family photo of racers at the Albany 2004 race. It rained that year.

Doug Thompson, Poppy George and Merv George at the Albany 2004 race.

Three yellow Eagles, Rob -Canada, Randy - USA, Miniondas - Mexico

The wrong way through Time Zone. Riggins 2005 race, some of the most challenging water and rapids we race. Great, fun town!

Paul Bagshaw and Rob Soule at the 2004 Worlds, Shanghai Bend on the Feather river.

Cavefish racing at Marysville on the Yuba, a few years ago (1999?). Note the all-aluminum roll bar mounted
to the top of the cowling. We sure had a lot of fun with that little boat.

Rich Boice's wing boat, Purple Top at the World's 2004.

Ben getting Merv's boat ready for the run back down from Harrisburg. Albany 2005, this is the top of a 43 mile run from Albany to Harrisburg.