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2013 U.S. Jet River Racing Series
UIM rules for Jet River Marathon Racing will apply unless there is a more restrictive APBA General Safety or General Racing rule.
Boat drivers and navigators must have an APBA membership either full year or single event. International drivers will have their National Authority membership plus a minimum of an APBA single event membership.
All racers must have a Boat Operators License from their respective state or province.
All racers must have a current medical physical either FAA Class 3 or DOT for US racers, a CBF medical for Canadian racers, or a National Authority medical form for other countries.
APBA/UIM Anti-Doping Alcohol rule in effect. Disqualification will be issued with a reading above 0.00 blood alcohol level. Any race or safety boat driver(s) and race officials must comply with APBA/UIM anti doping rules and regulations prior and during the event hours. Violation of this rule by any of the race driver(s) will result in the disqualification and or sanctions according to APBA/UIM Anti-Doping rules. For Race Official(s) they will be suspended from their duties for the remainder of the event. All drivers prior to the event must sign the Acknowledgement and Agreement letter. This ruling also applies to all participants in the designated hot pit area.
Closed toe shoes must be worn in the hot pit area by participants.
The upper fifty percent of the helmet must be a solid color of orange, international orange, yellow, fluorescent red or fluorescent yellow/green. The wearer is entirely responsible for the efficiency of their helmet.
All race numbers must be 24 cm x 4 cm white on black, black on white or strongly contrasting color with 4 cm border.
All rotating parts must be guarded if reachable while belted into seats unless boat has a bulkhead.
No penalties for engine changes.

All race boats must have two rear view mirrors.
No black flags should be carried in any race boat.
GPS is allowed-Only small (maximum 5 inch screen or display / measured diagonally as originally manufactured) will be allowed. Mounted GPS must be in front of the navigator (facing the navigator) or if hand held must be uder the control of the navigator at all times.
Fueling on an open leg is prohibited. Fueling while the boat is in the water is prohibited. A boat can only be fueled on the trailer 100 ft. from the water.
Any repairs to CX and FX class crate motors must use parts equivalent to OEM. No over bores
Any racers caught cheating on CX or FX motors will be disqualified for the entirety of the event.
For engine teardowns all gaskets at owner’s expense.
All boats must be off step in the designated staging area.
Race fuel will not be provided.
In order to race all boats must be equipped with all items on the attached checklist.
Crew Assistance: during the time of a race leg is being raced, the race boats can be assisted by their crew to make any repairs on the boat and/or engine.
A Drivers Meeting will be held prior to each race leg of the race at the indicated time. If the race leg has time cuts, it will not be necessary to have a Driver’s Meeting before each section, unless the Race Committee determines to be necessary. This will have to be indicated in the initial Drivers Meeting.
If the starting procedure is stopped for any reason, a red flag must be displayed by the Starting Officials at the Starting Line during all the time, the Race Director must be informed. When the race course is reopened, the racing starting procedure will be re-assumed within the next minute, and the procedure will be according to Rule 900.9.5 (a White Flag will be displayed for a minute and the last ten seconds a Green Flag will be raised). The boat which was last in the staging area last will then start, the Starting Officials will keep track of all the new starting minutes of the remaining race boats.

Roll Bar: All boats must have a well structured steel chrome-moly or aluminum roll bar. It is recommended that they modify their roll bar into a roll cage or the structure of the hull conforms like a crash cockpit. It is also recommended that the steering wheel column be attached to the roll cage and/or to the structure of the hull. For 2015 all jet boats in all racing classes must have a roll cage and/or a well structured crash cockpit. Refer to UIM Rule 900.15.2 for construction of roll bar/cage.
The time which will be given to boats which do not start (DNS) or to the boats which finish after the finish line is closed; or the ones that start and not finish (DNF), will be the time of the slowest boat of their class for that leg which finished within the allowed time, plus the time penalties calculated based on the following ADJUSTMENT FACTORS: DNF = x1.10, DNS = x1.30.
The minimum age for a crew member (driver or navigator) is 18 years old. A younger crew member (16 years or older) can race with written permission of their parents or guardians
The minimum age to be on a safety/rescue or sweep boat is 18 years old.
The life jacket and helmet must be worn by everyone in a race boat at all times while the boat is in motion under its own power, this implies during racing, testing or tuning. Violation of this rule will result in a fifteen minute penalty.
The crew of the boat must remain in their seats at all times during the race. It is not allowed for a member of the crew to be on the bow of the boat at any time during the race. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a penalty of fifteen minutes.
Scoring Points: The APBA/UIM points structure by order of finish is listed below:
First……..400 Sixth………..95 Eleventh……….23 Sixteenth……….5
Second..300 Seventh…..71 Twelfth………….17 Seventeenth….4
Third…….225 Eighth………53 Thirteenth…….13 Eighteenth…….3
Fourth….169 Ninth………40 Fourteenth…..10 Nineteenth….…2
Fifth……..127 Tenth………30 Fifteenth………..7 Twentieth……...2

Points Questions contact Larry Darneille 541-479-0985

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