This information is from Linda Henderson, a certifiable Salmonater!

Hammer Creek--mile marker 222--beginning of race, all you see is rooster
tails as they head out.

Skookumchuck--mm219--just a nice picnic place beside the water, no action.

Twin Bridges--mm 216--here again, a nice view of a 180-degree bend in the
river, but no rocks or action.

Slate Creek--mm 215--twisty corner, gravel bar and a point to be
negotiated.  Could be exciting.

Black Hawk--mm213--best site with rocks and whitewater.  Parking gets real
tight, real fast.

Fiddle Creek--mm 201--BIG rapid, poor parking.

Chair Creek--mm 199--bumpy water with lots of hydraulics.  Could go

Lightning Creek--mm198--Just a whitewater "V".  not much action

Time Zone--mm 197--A sharp zig and zag, with some huge hydraulics and a
rocky bank.  Deep, too.  Several boats have sunk here--so close to the
finish line.  You can almost park in town and walk to this one.

Riggins Park--finish line, and party time.